Estelle Filter Cleaner

Estelle Filter Cleaner

The first and best disposable filter cleaning system in the world!

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No electrical parts, just regular tap water pressure will clean your disposable Spa filter in a flash.
Use your expensive disposable spa filter over and over again. The Estelle will save you a lot of money!

All the benefits on a row:
– Saves money– Cleans filters in no time
– Works on water pressure alone; no electricity needed
– Compact, light and easy to store
– Suitable for practically all filters
– Long lifespan

Regularly cleaning your filters using the Estelle filter cleaner won’t just save you hassle, but also a lot of money.
This is because you won’t need to replace your expensive filters as often. This will save you hundreds of euros every year.
As well as this, Estelle uses about 80% less water than other cleaning methods.

You can clean your filters about 150 times in total using Estelle!

Estelle is a unique patented filter cleaning system, designed to clean whirlpool and hot tub filters to perfection in just a flash.

Eco friendly

It works solely on the basis of water power and doesn’t use chemicals which makes it very environmentally-friendly.
Estelle also consumes about 80% less water than other cleaning methods which doesn’t just save you a lot of water and the cost of new filters, but also helps avoid getting your hands dirty!

You insert the filter to be cleaned into the appliance, connect it to a tap and turn the tap on.
The filter will be perfectly clean within just one minute making it spotless again for more hygienic bathing fun!

You will get a return on investment just after about 5 disposable filter cleaning jobs!

Compatible filter sizes

Internal diameter of the bottom hole between 30mm and 80mm ( photo 1 below )

External diameter of the filter between 100mm and 250mm ( photo 2 below )

Maximum height of the filter 300mm ( photo 3 below )

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