Vacuseal Cover System 83" x 83" - Grey

Vacuseal Cover System 83" x 83" - Grey

The Easiest Lifter To Use...- YOU NEED TO WATCH THE VIDEO!

  • The VacuSeal is the ONLY lifter that requires just one motion to either open or close the cover. All traditional covers require you to fold the cover in half without any lifter assistance, which is often the most difficult part of opening or closing the cover.
  • The VacuSeal Lifter provides dual pneumatic gas shocks that makes opening and closing your cover simple and effortless. Plus our “Reverse Pneumatic Technology” found only on the VacuSeal assists you when the cover is half open and reverses the pressure to assist you upon closing the cover.

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Applies a Gentle Downward Pressure When Closed, Enhancing the Seal. Our “Rear Support Bar” always returns Cover to it’s original position so you never have to shift Cover after it’s been closed.

Our Patented Bottom Hinge Seals the Cover to Your Spa to Prevent Heat Loss.

Other Covers Need a Center Gasket which is where Heat is Lost, Costing You £££

The Only True Seal!
A cushion pad compresses to create a complete seal.

Traditional covers require 2 people to push sides together and are the #1 cause of heat loss.

Only Cover where you face the attractive exterior side

  • 4 Convenient Handles
  • Energy R-Value 18

Upgraded To Weather Shield

Attractive Polyester Fabric is an Upgrade to the Standard Vinyl

3x Stronger

Reduces Frequency of Replacement

25% Lighter

Makes Opening & Closing Easier

IMPORTANT - The rod assembly to convert the cover into a canopy is not included but sold seperately

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